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Those Philly boo birds: Oh where, oh where have they gone? — Ron Costello

Seahawks – Phillies: Two Teams Two Appetites

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It’s true that Seattle won it all because the organization had the knickers to fire Jim Mora after one season and hire NFL loser Pete Carroll.

Carroll had been unsuccessful in two other NFL head coaching jobs.

Carroll had been unsuccessful in two other NFL head coaching jobs.

Loser? Carroll? He had two ill-fated head coaching stints with the Jets and Patriots in the nineties, back when Lesane Crooks became 2Pac and thug rap was hip.

When Carroll arrived in Seattle he and new GM John Schneider went looking for players who were young, cheap — now read closely, here’s the key word — and hungry.

Sandberg's a good watcher.

Sandberg’s a good watcher.

The Phillies — after firing good ole’ boy Charlie, who, let’s face it, had the young and hungry horses in ’08 and ’09 — took a chance on rookie manager Ryan Sandberg.  Sandberg was left standing at the altar for the manager’s job with the club he spent 15 Hall of Fame years with, the Chicago Cubs.

Now why do you think that?

The Cubbies — last time in the Word Series, give em hell Harry , Truman not Kalas , was dusting off the Enola Gay to punish the Empire of Japan — weren’t going for any rookie manager with  permanent laryngitis. Instead, they hired Mike Quade, not exactly a household name like Torre or Larussa. Quade lost 91 games in the second year of his two year contract and was given the boot.

Bowa can intimate players with his demeanor.

Bowa can intimate players with his demeanor.

The Phillies hired Sandberg near the end of the 2013 season and gave him the keys to the aging Chevy. Never one to be accused as an orator, or even one who speaks his mind, Sandberg quietly selected a bench coach who does, former Phillies shortstop and manager, Larry Bowa.

At one end of the dugout you have Sandberg, quite as a mouse on the kitchen floor,  intensely peering out at the field, one foot up on the dugout step, like a sniper waiting for movement.

At the other end you have tsunami – mouth, roll your eyes and shake your head Bowa. His body language as Phillies manager — standing in the dugout with arms crossed, eyes popping and veins bulging, when Burrell chased an outside slider — was akin to Patton inspecting a private with dirty boots.

The hell with the games. Watching the dugout and post game show  will be well worth the price to pay Comcast — oh, who do you think is going to pay for the new Phillies deal? It’s called “us.”

Unfortunately for Sandberg, his team, much unlike Carroll’s Seahawks, is a long way from young and hungry.

More old and full.


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