New Day Dawning

Those Philly boo birds: Oh where, oh where have they gone? — Ron Costello

In a Fortnight, You’ll Begin to See I’m Right

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Can he hit the slider or curve from a southpaw?

Can he hit the slider or curve from a southpaw?

And the tanksare they half full or half empty?

That is, if it’s half at all.  Could be less than a quarter-tank. Could be the needle is a hair above empty.

Could be fumes.

We don’t know. But we’re going to find out soon enough. In a fortnight.

Two exhibition games with the Pirates in Philly, Friday and Saturday.

Then, faster than you can say,  “goodbye DeSean,” six on the road — three with the Rangers and three with the Cubs — before the home opener on Monday, April 7. Will they limp back into Citizen’s Bank Park, tail between their legs? Or come back proud — the Beast ready to lead in the East?

I say, they’ll jump out quickly, maybe sweeping Texas and the Cubs, before returning home to open against the Brewers.

I say, the three professors — Rollins, Utley and Howard — with Bryd, Brown, Chooch and Revere, is plenty enough offense. When Ruf get’s back and Sandberg goes with a four-five man outfield platoon, the offense will purr even more. Who knows, maybe Cody Asche will come alive.

If he gets hurt, all bets are off. Minus Utley, their done.

If he gets hurt, all bets are off. Minus Utley, their done.

I say, the rotation will hold together until Hamels is fit, and the bullpen will pick up the slack left hanging by Hamel’s off season tendinitis.

And I say, perhaps Dear Leader will grab an extra arm like Joe Blanton or Vance Worley, both recently released — one of those last minute deals that turns magical.

What say you?

Ron, what are you drinking?

Well, since you asked, a Cabernet we brought home from dinner  at the Prime Rib in Center City, our favorite restaurant — on Denise’s birthday.  Its name is Penn’s Woods. It was our second bottle.

But my optimism has nothing to do with the good Cab.

You’ll see.


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