New Day Dawning

Those Philly boo birds: Oh where, oh where have they gone? — Ron Costello

Kyle — Get Some Extra Bunting Practice

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Here's Doc squaring to bunt.

Here’s Doc squaring to bunt.

My late father-in-law and I would disagree a lot about baseball. He use to say, if a professional ball player is getting paid millions of dollars, he should preform his job as a professional — hit, pitch, play defense.

I’d come back with , the game on the field is the same at every level, you’ve got to put the huge salaries out of the picture.

Then, when Schmidt struck out, he’d  look at me and shake his head.

I thought about what my father-in-law would have said about yesterday’s disastrous Home Opener. Professionals, such as Ben Revere who couldn’t hold on to a line drive that hit his glove and bounced out.

Then Revere  slammed into the wall, and a little bird in my brain told me it was more theatrics than actually pounding the wall, you know what I’m saying?  It was the second little league mistake he’s made in the last two games. He also misplayed another fly ball yesterday.

I’ve been wondering if Revere is the right centerfielder for the Phillies.

Now take Kyle Kendrick. Every kid, from the little league up, practices bunting. In my sleep, I could turn, square up, slide my hand down the barrell,  and get my bat on the ball (actually, they don’t teach the square-up anymore). I’m betting I could —  right now at 6 a.m. — go out back and lay one down on a ball thrown by my brother Fred. (He’s older than me).

Kyle Kendrick is getting paid $7.675 million — which he probably thinks is not enough. Next season, he’s a free agent and in line for the big buckaroos. But could Kyle get his bat on the ball yesterday and advance a runner? No, and you know what? It looked like he didn’t

While they booed and booed, he hit and hit.

While they booed and booed, he hit and hit.

even care.

Moreover, when it was Kyle’s turn to field a bunt — you know, a little dribbler rolling slowly out toward the mound? — he couldn’t do that, either. And Kyle’s excuse for getting hammered yesterday? “I was up in the zone.”

Well, Kyle, get the hell down in the zone!

$7.675 million. I can see my father-in-law shaking his head.

There was lots of sloppiness to go around besides Revere and Kendrick. If you didn’t see it, you didn’t miss anything. It was pathetic.

One more thing: What’s with the Philly fans booing Ryan Braun? Is he the only cheater in baseball? All it did was inspire him  to slug three home runs and seven RBIs in Milwaukee’s 10-4 slashing of the Phillies.

Watching a sloppy team go through the motions, then hearing our fans booing Braun, made me shake my head. So I’ll do it for  my father-in-law, I’ll shake my head.

It was embarrassing.



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