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Those Philly boo birds: Oh where, oh where have they gone? — Ron Costello

Mom and Pop Taught Them Drew Boys Right

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Drew just signed with the Red Sox. So who cares?

Drew just signed with the Red Sox. So who cares?

Seems like Mom and Pop Drew raised a couple of gutsy kids.

Pardon me, but more than a few thousand Phillies’ fans would use different verbiage than gutsy. Sorry, I work in academia.

Back then there was J.D. You may or may not recall J.D. Drew, the darling of Phillies’ fans everywhere. The Phillies drafted Drew in 1977 with the second pick and he warned them he wanted $10 million. Of course, the club wasn’t going to dish out that kind of money for an unproven player and J.D. said, “sayonara.”

That's Stephen's big brother, J.D, who was injury prone.

That’s Stephen’s big brother, J.D, who was injury prone.

The Phillies offered J.D. $2.6 million and he said, “forgetaboutit, I’m walkin.”

He sat out, playing a year in an independent league and was selected fifth overall the following year by the Cardinals. The Cardinals paid J.D. a $7 million signing bonus, so he never got the $10 million he wanted. That same year the Phillies drafted Pat Burrell, who got a $3.15 million signing bonus.

Phillies' fans didn't like J.D much.

Phillies’ fans didn’t like J.D much.

Yesterday, J.D.’s brother, Stephen,  re-signed with the Red Sox.

A member of last year’s Red Sox World Series championship team, the Sox offered Drew $14.1 million for the 2014 season but he said no way, forgetaboutit. Why? He wanted to hit the free agent trail and get more moolah.

Typical Drewbee.

But, no team wanted him — he had a monkey on his back — meaning that if he signed with another team, the Red Sox would get that team’s highest draft pick.

Not a cool thing if you’re a general manager  — give up a high draft pick. Give up a future Mickey Mantle and live with it the rest of  your life.

But a pretty gutsy move on Drew’s part, anyhow, turning down $14 million and sitting out the first month and a half of the season. Brothers will be brothers.

Poor Stephen had to wait until the Rex Sox finally decided they needed him. In fact they just might. Trying to hang in the American League East, Boston is four games behind the first place Yankees and five games under .500.  That is why they just signed Drew.

Now Cliff has a sore arm, out 2-3 weeks.

Now Cliff has a sore arm, out 2-3 weeks.

The monkey — being draft pick — will disappear from Drew’s back after the June 5 draft. Pufff,  just like that. League rules.

So poor Stephen got $10 million — prorated. Meaning, it’s the $14.1 million he would have gotten had he signed in the winter, subtracted by the time he missed. At the end of the 2014 season he becomes a free agent, again.

And, he’ll no longer have the  monkey on his back.

Ten million — like my sister Dit says, “What goes around comes around.”

Say, I wonder what toys those Drew boys played with when they were little?

Bad news: Cliff Lee now has a sore arm. Okay, it’s his elbow, but I call everything from  the finger tips to the collar bone a sore arm.  They brought up Darin Ruf. Not lookin good, tonight, getting hammered by the upstart Marlins.

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