New Day Dawning

Those Philly boo birds: Oh where, oh where have they gone? — Ron Costello

Mr. Amaro, Do Something!

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Keep Lee and reconstruct the rotation around him.

Keep Lee and reconstruct the rotation around him.

So is this it?

No hit on Sunday and slowly drifting away in the NL East?

Before Monday’s game, six games behind Atlanta, 21-26, .447 — and just like the boat in the photo, drifting slowly away.

By the time the corn is knee high by — well that use to be, but with cross-breeded, faster growing hybrid seed planted early and deep, it can be knee high by Flag Day — about when this club could be 14 out.

With Cliff Lee on the DL.


And Amaro’s answer to this? It seems he doesn’t have an answer. He’s ‘thinking’ about bringing up 21 year up Maikel Franco, along with Justin DeFratus from Lehigh Valley, and let the boat continue to drift away.

Okay, that will scare Atlanta.

If he does that, the Philly fan base will shrink so fast it will make Miami’s crowds look like hallucinated sellouts.

Allow me, if you will, to think this through with you and offer five  solutions.

Solution one: As I’ve said before, get a third baseman by the name of Chase Headley and leave Franco where he is. He’s the future, no doubt, and you go to the future when you’ve thrown in the towel. Headley is tradeable and San Diego might pay part of his salary.

And when he’s over his hammy, send Asche and his sweet swing to Lehigh Valley for a month to work in the outfield. Then bring him back as an outfielder.

Give Brown EZ Pass and send him down, or up.

Give Brown EZ Pass and send him down, or up.

Solution two: Give Kyle Kendrick his walking papers — now. He’s 0-5 with a 4.53 ERA and in a contract year. If  he has a  good afternoon on Memorial Day, unload him. In the first inning, Kendrick has a 9.00 ERA. Going back to last August Kendrick is 0-10 with a 5.11 ERA in his last 15 starts.

So how can the Phillies possibly trade him with those numbers?

Because he gets little run support. His 3.22 run support average ranks 42nd out of 59 pitchers.

Could Amaro get the Rays' David Price? That's what Amaro gets paid to do.

Can Amaro get the Rays’ David Price? That’s what Amaro gets paid to do. Isn’t it?

Solution three: Send Dominic Brown up the Northeast Extension for June. The defensive blunder he made in Sunday’s game proves his head isn’t in the game — which would explain his dismal offensive numbers: HR-3;  RBI-22;  Ave-.202;  BB-12;  SO-33;  OBP-.254; H-34;  R-13

Bring him back down the turnpike when he’s shown that his numbers can equal his potential. Shake him up. He could carry this club in August and September.

Move Bryd to left, keep Revere in center — if he gets hot, like he did last season, he could spark the team — and put Ruf in right while Dominic gets redemption as an Iron Pig. Late in the game use Mayberry in right.

Solution four: Reconstruct the rotation. There are pitchers available, like Chicago’s Jeff Samardzjia and the Rays’ David Price. Keep Lee and put together a rotation that works.

With Lee, Hamels and Burnett — could David Buchanan be the number five? — finish out the rotation by grabbing one or two starters available, where — like Kendrick — a change of scenery might make a difference.

All Giles to the bullpen.

Add Giles to the bullpen.

Last season Jake Peavy, Matt Garza, Ricky Nolasco, Ian Kennedy , Bud Norris, and Scott Feldman all got dealt during the season, and experts say this season there are even more and better pitchers on the trading shelf. But you’ve got to get after it.

Get Randy Wolf  back from the D-backs. He could be a Jim Kaat for this team late in the season.  Kitty won some key games for the Phillies from 76′ through 78.’

Solution five: Move Roberto Hernandez to the bullpen, but stick with Papelbon and the young guns. Add Ken Giles and bring back DeFratus.

Go with Bastardo as the eighth inning bridge and don’t be afraid of hurting Mike Adams’ feelings.  Use Adams earlier in game situations where you need to get out of an inning.

COME ON MR. AMARO, DO SOMETHING! Atlanta has 17 wins in May. And, if you quit now, you may not win again until 2018.

The boat is drifting away and the fan base thinks you don’t  care!

Maybe they’re right.


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