New Day Dawning

Those Philly boo birds: Oh where, oh where have they gone? — Ron Costello

Where Does That Leave Junior?

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With video, Bowa wouldn't have to argue anymore.

With video, Bowa wouldn’t have to argue anymore.

Things are starting to heat up here regarding the Phillies.

Already, only after two months into the season, Bowa freaked out.  He told a local radio show that the Phillies are not playing major league baseball — it’s comforting to know he’s watching the same team we are.

Bowa says D-Brown shouldn’t be coming to the  ballpark so happy. Bowa hasn’t come to the ballpark happy in 45  years, so why should Brown? He said if you take away 5-6 weeks from last season, Brown wouldn’t be doing much of anything. If he were in charge, Bowa said, Brown wouldn’t be playing.

I’m beginning to see why Sandberg picked Bowa as bench coach. It’s like the Pope picking Chris Christie as assistant Pope.

Good cop bad cop?

Good cop bad cop?

Bowa called out Roberto Hernandez for not going deep into games. Bowa said if you’re wearing the big league uni, you’ve got to go at least five. Bowa also said the younger players don’t have baseball instincts.

Assistant what?

Assistant what?

Meanwhile, Sandberg held a closed door meeting with the team. Sandberg said it was a serious meeting. Then Sandberg mixed up  his lineup to confuse Washington Tuesday night. He moved J-Roll back to lead-off. Utley hit second. Bryd third and Revere was demoted to the eight spot.

The Fightins’ went out and lost to Washington, 7-0, falling six and a half back. The Nationals weren’t confused about anything except how long it would take them to get to the post game buffet dinner. Martha Stewart’s pork loin with sage and pancetta highlighted their locker room spread.

Sandberg may be too nice-nice.

Sandberg may be too nice-nice.

Incidentally, the architect of the whole mess — the Phillies, not the pork loin — Junior Amaro, has been quiet. Junior spoke boldly several days ago when he said Franco wasn’t ready for the Show and he didn’t know how long Lee would be DL’d.

But not much since then.

However, Junior’s been  moving guys up and down the Northeast Extension so fast, Corbett wants to raise EZ Pass rates to pay for the Philly schools.

Some good news: Utley leads all second baseman in NL All-Star balloting.

Some good news: Utley leads all second baseman in NL All-Star balloting.

And the fans — eagerly awaiting for the club to return home next week — can’t wait to take the kiddies to see Reid Michael Brignac at third; something they can tell their grand-kiddies about way down the road — which is where Brignac will be sent if his batting average keeps dropping.

What’s interesting about Bowa is that he’s never been shy to voice his thoughts about players under performing. It’s gotten him into trouble before. But this time he’s not in charge. Maybe he and Sandberg are playing good cop, bad cop.

Bowa can trash the millionaire kids on radio, while Sandberg meets with them, being nice-nice, of course.

So if Sandberg is the good cop and Bowa the bad cop, what is Junior Amaro?

Wait. What did I just hear you say?


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