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Those Philly boo birds: Oh where, oh where have they gone? — Ron Costello

Beane Doesn’t Hang On to High Priced Established Players

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Beane's got the A's running and gunning.

Beane’s got the A’s running and gunning.

How ’bout em‘.

They’ve got a five and a half game lead in the American League West, 38-23.

Last season the A’s won 96 games and the division, but lost the division series to Detroit. They’re back again. GM Billy Beane has got the golden nuggets, and I’m not talking money.

No, sir.

An $82,320,900 payroll — compared to the Phillies $177,729,967, less than half of what Junior Amaro has — while playing — arguably — in a  tougher American League division (A’s pitchers face 9  tough hitters per lineup, not 8).

Plus, Beane doesn’t like handing out big contracts to aging has-beens. He calls it dealing in the present. Or, you win now — by acquiring new players at discount prices.

Moss played well as an Iron Pig but never got to the Show.

Moss played well as an Iron Pig, but never got a real opportunity at the Show.

But here’s the thing: Beane has the nuggets to pull triggers on moves even in mid season — he’s trying to unload his closer Jim Johnson and his $10 million salary to improve the A’s in early June

Refreshing, isn’t it?

The A’s have been on a roll; and since one of my faithful readers is an A’s fan — I’ve got to support my readers — I had to post the A’s.

If you deal in opposites, the A’s are the opposite of the Phillies. Besides, I love Billy Bean.

The Piece has 11 home runs and 41 RBIs.

The Piece has 11 home runs, 41 RBIs, and a $25 million salary.

Of Beane’s 25 man roster, all but two players were grabbed in trades or waiver wire acquisitions. But perhaps the one player that best represents the difference between the Phillies and the A’s is Brandon Moss.

In 2012, Moss had a chance to sign with either club, the Phillies or the A’s. Moss signed with Oakland because he spent 2011 as an Iron Pig at Lehigh Valley, had a good Triple-A year, but got only a ‘6 at bat’ look-see in Philly.

Beane grabbed him and today Moss is a key component of the A’s offense, (15 HRs, 49 RBIs, .282 average) and a one year contract at $4.1 million.

Another Beane trade was the 2010 deal that brought Josh Donaldson (17 HRs, 50 RBIs, .280) to Oakland; and in 2014, Donaldson has a  one year,  $500,000 contract.

Quality players at discount prices.

Lookit, here’s what I’m trying to say.

There may not be a tomorrow or next season for this team.

There may not be a tomorrow or next season for this team.

I don’t think the Phillies are a bad club, but they don’t  believe in themselves, which could be the reason for the mental mistakes.

Bowa says big leaguers will make physical mistakes — errors, etc., but shouldn’t be making mental mistakes at this level.

The Phillies have a nice mixture of veterans who know how to play, and quality  young players like Brown, Ruf, Revere and the young guns of the bull pen — developing, but not there, yet. Wouldn’t it give this team a shot if Junior Amaro acquired  a key player or two now? Before they fall too far out?

It could turn them around!

The Phillies could be one or two players away from erasing the current seven and a  half  game deficit. Soon, however, there may not be a tomorrow or next season for this team.

Junior Amaro’s got to make a move to show he believes in the Phillies, that is, if he has the nuggets.




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