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Those Philly boo birds: Oh where, oh where have they gone? — Ron Costello

J-Roll Goes for the Record While Junior Has Time

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Will today be the day?

They've been solid for a long time — how much longer will they be together?

They’ve been solid together  — but how much longer?

Rollins is currently tied with Mike Schmidt with most Phillies’ hits: 2,234. The tie breaker could come this afternoon against the Cubs.

Meanwhile, Junior Amaro, in charge of improving the club or tearing it up, has options (what do you mean he already tore it up?)

Buy or sell, what’s it going to be?

But first, look at the numbers: Nine games below .500, 28 — 37. Six and a half games behind Atlanta in the NL East. A month and a half to go before the trade deadline — July 31, when Junior has to decide to buy or bust.

The negatives: Ruf may be DL’d indefinitely with a wrist fracture; Cliff Lee DL’d into the first week of July, maybe longer. Cody Asche DL’d with a hammy, is now at Lakewood on rehab. Could be ready for the fireworks shows — June 26-27, if not sooner.

Asche will be off DL around fireworks nights.

Asche will be off DL around fireworks night.

Fireworks use to be July 3-4 but the team is on the road, then.

Chase Utley still holds a comfortable lead over the Dodgers’ Dee Gordon at second base in the All-Star voting — however, he has just 4 home runs and his average is dropping, now at .309.

Over the final two weeks in June, the club has Atlanta, St. Louis, Miami and Atlanta — no more Padres and Cubs to kick around.

Dom Brown — despite signs of a break out — continues to struggle with 4 home runs and a .218 average.

Phillies need Dom to be the Dom of

Phillies need Dom to be the Dom of May, 2013.

The positives: Junior has time to decide if his club is good enough to compete with Atlanta, Washington and Miami.

Lee will be back in early July. He’s now playing catch, which is what I use to do with my brothers in the yard — what today’s players call major league ballparks: The Yard. Although we called it the backyard.

Revere is starting to hit and get on base. Mayberry has shown he belongs on the bench — if not in a platoon with Howard   (there, I dare said it) —  and has raised his average to .269.

Ryan Howard —  11 home runs and 41 RBIs, but 85 strikeouts and a  .234 average — may break out and carry the team, like he once did.

But don’t hold your breath. I’m not.

Dom Brown has got to be  the 2013 Dom Brown version — at least the May – June version — and hit the ball around the yard, if not out of it.

And more offense from the Big Piece.

And more offense from the Big Piece.

Chase Utley still holds a comfortable lead over the Dodgers’ Dee Gordon at second base in the All-Star voting.

Hamels is looking hot and Kendrick picked up two wins, while Burnett has been steady. But the rotation needs Lee back, and if Junior Amaro decides to buy, another solid arm in the rotation is a must.

The bullpen is settling down and rookie 100-mile-man Giles might pick it up — the bullpen, that is.

Here’s the CliffNotes version: For Amaro to buy, Brown and Howard need to not just show up, but dominate. Utley has to regain his power stroke, and Mayberry must keep coming off the bench to spot start and hit.

Revere needs to get his average over .300 and be an on-base Richie Ashburn. Lee has to return and regain his momentum — and Junior needs to play GM and improve the rotation and bench.

If all that happens, Ron will be a genius!

More good news. Today’s game is at 3  so if you can get it, watch it —  J-Roll breaking Michael Jack Schmidt’s Phillies hit record.

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