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Those Philly boo birds: Oh where, oh where have they gone? — Ron Costello

We’ve Got Lots of Them, So Why Not One More?

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A few moons back Sizemore was some player.

A few moons back Sizemore was some player.

I question Junior’s judgement on relics.

All season long  I’ve been saying the team is a few sandwiches short of a picnic.

Plus, some of the sandwiches don’t have mustard or mayo, and are short on meat — Brown, Revere and Kendrick.

That, plus some we can’t have because they’re locked in the ice chest — Cliff Lee, Ruff, Brignac and Nieves.

It doesn’t add up.

So I kept at it. Junior, I kept saying, it’s not a bad team, but you need to add one or two players — you know, a sandwich.

I’m not saying a hoagie or a cheesesteak, but at least a boloney on rye. Some pickles on the side, maybe. You can’t be in the picnic short two sandwiches.

Chas has been a great play in Philadelphia, but his numbers are dropping and this season he has just five home runs.

Chase has been a great player in Philadelphia, but his numbers have been dropping and this season he has just five home runs.

So what does Junior do? He goes and gets onion dip: Grady Sizemore.

Who takes onion dip to a picnic?

Besides, we already got onion dip, we got Dom Brown

The Red Sox cut Sizemore after he came back from a two year sabbatical — no baseball, not even the minors. This season with the Red Sox he was an unimpressive. 216 in 188 plate appearances; two home runs and 15 RBIs.

So that’s it? This is the big addition that will close the gap on six back — and scare the bejesus out of the Nationals and Braves?

So were they.

Howard and Rollins are still good players, but in ’08 and  ’09 they were great!

If Sizemore isn’t in the Show by the All-Star game — meaning if he’s still at Lehigh Valley — he can break his contract with the Phillies and take his onion dip elsewhere.

Well then, you might think, ‘What’s the problem? There’s no big financial investment. He goes to Lehigh Valley and he hits or he doesn’t and if he doesn’t, he’s gone by the All-Star game.’

So here’s the problem: Junior is an antique collector.

Junior added to his collection over the winter.

Last winter, Junior  grabbed  Bryd, 36, and signed him to a $16 million, two year contract.

What he sees are guys  over 30, hard pressed from injuries — some serious — hoping to come back and regain the glory years. Last year it was Delmon Young, this year Roberto Hernandez.

The type of player who — 5 or 6 years ago — had a quick bat, could run, was hungry, was healthy, and could play whiskey bent and hell bound baseball that Philadelphia loves.

Ball players who might be a quart low,  but who Junior thinks will return to stardom — any day now.

Except any day now was yesterday.

You want to know the real problem here,  for you and for the fans in this city who want to see winning baseball?

In Sizemore, Junior just added another relic to his collection.

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